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Predictions [21 04 2018 15:00]
DateUser NameHomeAway
21 Apr 2018roywBarnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018overthepondexileBarnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018phil_in_nptonBarnet2v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018sue_in_nptonBarnet2v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018rob_in_nptonBarnet0v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018swansea jackBarnet2v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018countywonBarnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018ElmoBarnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018edwin1087Barnet2v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018girl saturdayBarnet0v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018father jackBarnet1v0Newport County
21 Apr 2018RichBarnet1v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018moggsyBarnet2v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018nipper moggsyBarnet1v0Newport County
21 Apr 2018hjsBarnet1v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018Maceys GlovesBarnet0v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018excessbeeBarnet0v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018GSM46Barnet1v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018ujsBarnet0v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018BiscuitBarnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018The ShedBarnet0v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018worksop amberBarnet1v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018pembsexileBarnet0v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018pedrotheexileBarnet2v4Newport County
21 Apr 2018somertonteenBarnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018County ladBarnet1v3Newport County
21 Apr 2018ThisismyyearBarnet1v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018TriangleBarnet0v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018reebok0165Barnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018Cwmbran CrowBarnet1v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018SULLY34Barnet1v1Newport County
21 Apr 2018GoalhangerBarnet2v2Newport County
21 Apr 2018SeanNCAFCBarnet1v3Newport County
21 Apr 2018emma_in_nttmBarnet0v2Newport County
Prediction Stats
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Newport County v Cambridge Utd
2-1 Percentage 31.8% [7]
2-0 Percentage 27.2% [6]
1-0 Percentage 13.6% [3]
1-1 Percentage 13.6% [3]
3-1 Percentage 4.5% [1]
0-1 Percentage 4.5% [1]
0-2 Percentage 4.5% [1]
Weekly Winners
[Week 43]
Username Pts
overthepondexile 11
countywon 11
father jack 3
The Shed 3
girl saturday 3
Movers and Losers[Week 43]
overthepondexile +6
countywon +2
girl saturday +1
father jack +1
Biscuit -1
pedrotheexile -2
rob_in_npton -2
County lad -2
fan1967 -2
Monthly Winner
countywon 31
Cwmbran Crow 27
GSM46 27
somertonteen 25
worksop amber 23
sue_in_npton 22
Biscuit 22
nipper moggsy 21
phil_in_npton 20
edwin1087 19
reebok0165 []:
Two successive
maximums for
Phil,three from his
latest six

phil_in_npton []:
Watch out at the
top... my girl is
moving up. The four
timer is still on!

reebok0165 []:
This weeks match v
Crawley is one of
the pre-season
selected bonus
points games. Five
extra points are
available for a
correct scoreline

Triangle []:
Nice one Pembs

pembsexile []:
Triangle, what were
you saying about
world domination? I
think that starts in

reebok0165 []:
participants scored
16pts yesterday,
five of which were
bonus. Three are on
offer v Exeter.

Triangle []:
Top of the table, I
feel world
happening, well, as
least until the next

swansea jack []:
my revival is on

SULLY34 []:
Little anxious
Reebok, first points
for a while!

reebok0165 []:
Did them Sunday
evening Sully.

SULLY34 []:
Accrington points
not gone on yet ?

swansea jack []:
get in,

girl saturday []:
Ahem ;)

countywon []:
Father and son 1st
and 2nd

phil_in_npton []:
yes..i dont know
what happened Tues.
We were away on hol
in Gwynedd, so
probably got too
"relaxed" to

girl saturday []:
Thanks Guys :) was
off the pace last
year but now bck to
challenge the npton
crew etc lol

pembsexile []:
Well done to Kate.
What happened to the
Northampton crew
though? Looked like
they forgot there
was a game last

reebok0165 []:
With two successive
maximums, Girl
Saturday climbs from
41st position to top
the table

girl saturday []:
oooh love the new
table :)

reebok0165 []:
Crap performance on
the field at
Morecambe and only
two participants on
here scored more
than a single point,
both scoring

County rule OK.

swansea jack []:
cmon the lads mun

reebok0165 []:
My original plan
was 1.5pts for
correct home and
away scores.

reebok0165 []:
Reason for this is
that the database
will not calculate
half points.

reebok0165 []:
Correct home and
away score
predictions = 1pt

reebok0165 []:
The points scoring
method for this
season is as
follows: (1)
Correct Home score =
1.5pts (2) Correct
Away score = 1.5pts
(3) Correct result =
3pts (4) Correct
scoreline = 6pts
plus an additional
3pts or 5pts if the
match is one is the
twelve bonus points
matches stated below
(5) Monthly winner /
winners, those
participating who
score the most
points over each
month = 6pts.

reebok0165 []:
Bonus points
continued: Exeter A
5pts, Luton A 3pts,
FGR A 5pts, Swindon
A 3pts, Cheltenham A
5pts, Exeter H 3pts,
Crawley H 5pts, FGR
H 3pts, Luton H
5pts, Swindon H
3pts, Carlisle A

reebok0165 []:
Bonus point matches
for 2017/18:
Chesterfield H 3

swansea jack []:
from the Jack clan
to the Northampton
clan. I will happily
take second place
this time round. And
thanks guys for
running this

reebok0165 []:
Three successive
seasons a member of
the Northampton crew
is successful.
Thanks to everyone
who regularly

reebok0165 []:
Congratulations go
to Sue, this seasons
winner.Well deserved
having been among
the leading group
for the majority of
the season.

phil_in_npton []:
Predictions done
for final game! Not
too soon UPTHEPORT
as Swansea Jack can
still overtake her!
Setting out shortly
for Newport!

uptheport []:
Well done
Sue! Got to ask
im in the weekly
winners box but gone
down two places how
does that work lol

Elmo []:
fix!! lol well done

reebok0165 []:
With one game to
go, looks cert that
a member of the
Northampton crew win
for the third
successive season
unless Swansea Jack
scores a maximum 14
from the Notts games
with a correct score
(five bonus points
included) AND Sue
scores no more than
one point.

pembsexile []:
Joint top in number
of wins but only 7th
in the table. Ah
well, all a bit of

reebok0165 []:
Yes Phil. Yeovil
5pts, Plymouth 3pts,
Notts County 5pts.

phil_in_npton []:
hi Reebok..please
advise if any more
matches are to
feature bonus
points, after the
one? Thanks

reebok0165 []:
Three bonus points
for correct
scoreline at Exeter


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