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Predictions [tony041265]
Date Home       Away Pts Result
05 Aug 2017 15:00:00 Stevenage Borough 1 v 2 Newport County 0 3-3
19 Aug 2017 15:00:00 Coventry City 1 v 2 Newport County 3 0-1
26 Aug 2017 15:00:00 Newport County 3 v 0 Chesterfield 3 4-1
02 Sep 2017 15:00:00 Exeter City 1 v 3 Newport County 1 1-0
09 Sep 2017 15:00:00 Newport County 3 v 1 Wycombe Wanderers 0 0-0
23 Sep 2017 15:00:00 Newport County 3 v 1 Grimsby Town 3 1-0
14 Oct 2017 15:00:00 Forest Green Rovers 0 v 2 Newport County 4 0-4
21 Oct 2017 15:00:00 Newport County 2 v 0 Mansfield Town 0 1-1
10 Nov 2017 19:45:00 Newport County 3 v 1 Port Vale 1 1-1
Prediction Stats
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Port Vale v Newport County
1-1 Percentage 23.5% [4]
1-2 Percentage 23.5% [4]
2-1 Percentage 17.6% [3]
2-2 Percentage 11.7% [2]
0-2 Percentage 5.8% [1]
2-0 Percentage 5.8% [1]
2-3 Percentage 5.8% [1]
1-3 Percentage 5.8% [1]
Weekly Winners
[Week 33]
Username Pts
phil_in_npton 11
Goalhanger 3
nipper moggsy 3
somertonteen 3
overthepondexile 3
Movers and Losers[Week 33]
phil_in_npton +8
overthepondexile +4
pembsexile +3
countywon +2
nipper moggsy +2
pedrotheexile -2
royw -2
SULLY34 -2
County lad -2
ujs -2
Monthly Winner
reebok0165 46
excessbee 39
Cwmbran Crow 36
Goalhanger 35
ujs 35
GSM46 32
emma_in_nttm 30
worksop amber 29
somertonteen 29
SULLY34 28
phil_in_npton []:
Watch out at the
top... my girl is
moving up. The four
timer is still on!

reebok0165 []:
This weeks match v
Crawley is one of
the pre-season
selected bonus
points games. Five
extra points are
available for a
correct scoreline

Triangle []:
Nice one Pembs

pembsexile []:
Triangle, what were
you saying about
world domination? I
think that starts in

reebok0165 []:
participants scored
16pts yesterday,
five of which were
bonus. Three are on
offer v Exeter.

Triangle []:
Top of the table, I
feel world
happening, well, as
least until the next

swansea jack []:
my revival is on

SULLY34 []:
Little anxious
Reebok, first points
for a while!

reebok0165 []:
Did them Sunday
evening Sully.

SULLY34 []:
Accrington points
not gone on yet ?

swansea jack []:
get in,

girl saturday []:
Ahem ;)

countywon []:
Father and son 1st
and 2nd

phil_in_npton []:
yes..i dont know
what happened Tues.
We were away on hol
in Gwynedd, so
probably got too
"relaxed" to

girl saturday []:
Thanks Guys :) was
off the pace last
year but now bck to
challenge the npton
crew etc lol

pembsexile []:
Well done to Kate.
What happened to the
Northampton crew
though? Looked like
they forgot there
was a game last

reebok0165 []:
With two successive
maximums, Girl
Saturday climbs from
41st position to top
the table

girl saturday []:
oooh love the new
table :)

reebok0165 []:
Crap performance on
the field at
Morecambe and only
two participants on
here scored more
than a single point,
both scoring

County rule OK.

swansea jack []:
cmon the lads mun

reebok0165 []:
My original plan
was 1.5pts for
correct home and
away scores.

reebok0165 []:
Reason for this is
that the database
will not calculate
half points.

reebok0165 []:
Correct home and
away score
predictions = 1pt

reebok0165 []:
The points scoring
method for this
season is as
follows: (1)
Correct Home score =
1.5pts (2) Correct
Away score = 1.5pts
(3) Correct result =
3pts (4) Correct
scoreline = 6pts
plus an additional
3pts or 5pts if the
match is one is the
twelve bonus points
matches stated below
(5) Monthly winner /
winners, those
participating who
score the most
points over each
month = 6pts.

reebok0165 []:
Bonus points
continued: Exeter A
5pts, Luton A 3pts,
FGR A 5pts, Swindon
A 3pts, Cheltenham A
5pts, Exeter H 3pts,
Crawley H 5pts, FGR
H 3pts, Luton H
5pts, Swindon H
3pts, Carlisle A

reebok0165 []:
Bonus point matches
for 2017/18:
Chesterfield H 3

swansea jack []:
from the Jack clan
to the Northampton
clan. I will happily
take second place
this time round. And
thanks guys for
running this

reebok0165 []:
Three successive
seasons a member of
the Northampton crew
is successful.
Thanks to everyone
who regularly

reebok0165 []:
Congratulations go
to Sue, this seasons
winner.Well deserved
having been among
the leading group
for the majority of
the season.

phil_in_npton []:
Predictions done
for final game! Not
too soon UPTHEPORT
as Swansea Jack can
still overtake her!
Setting out shortly
for Newport!

uptheport []:
Well done
Sue! Got to ask
im in the weekly
winners box but gone
down two places how
does that work lol

Elmo []:
fix!! lol well done

reebok0165 []:
With one game to
go, looks cert that
a member of the
Northampton crew win
for the third
successive season
unless Swansea Jack
scores a maximum 14
from the Notts games
with a correct score
(five bonus points
included) AND Sue
scores no more than
one point.

pembsexile []:
Joint top in number
of wins but only 7th
in the table. Ah
well, all a bit of

reebok0165 []:
Yes Phil. Yeovil
5pts, Plymouth 3pts,
Notts County 5pts.

phil_in_npton []:
hi Reebok..please
advise if any more
matches are to
feature bonus
points, after the
one? Thanks

reebok0165 []:
Three bonus points
for correct
scoreline at Exeter


reebok0165 []:
Three bonus points
for a correct score
against Portsmouth
25th March

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