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Predictions [14 01 2017 15:00]
DateUser NameHomeAway
14 Jan 2017overthepondexileNewport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017uptheportNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017phil_in_nptonNewport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017sue_in_nptonNewport County0v2Colchester United
14 Jan 2017rob_in_nptonNewport County2v2Colchester United
14 Jan 2017swansea jackNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017countywonNewport County1v0Colchester United
14 Jan 2017ElmoNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017edwin1087Newport County1v3Colchester United
14 Jan 2017girl saturdayNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017ohcNewport County2v0Colchester United
14 Jan 2017father jackNewport County1v0Colchester United
14 Jan 2017NeacheyNewport County1v0Colchester United
14 Jan 2017RichNewport County1v2Colchester United
14 Jan 2017moggsyNewport County1v0Colchester United
14 Jan 2017nipper moggsyNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017hjsNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017Maceys GlovesNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017excessbeeNewport County1v3Colchester United
14 Jan 2017GSM46Newport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017ujsNewport County1v0Colchester United
14 Jan 2017BERT MOSSNewport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017The ShedNewport County3v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017pembsexileNewport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017CathNewport County0v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017Ncfc67Newport County1v2Colchester United
14 Jan 2017pedrotheexileNewport County1v5Colchester United
14 Jan 2017somertonteenNewport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017ThisismyyearNewport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017TriangleNewport County2v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017reebok0165Newport County1v3Colchester United
14 Jan 2017Cwmbran CrowNewport County1v2Colchester United
14 Jan 2017fan1967Newport County1v1Colchester United
14 Jan 2017SULLY34Newport County1v2Colchester United
14 Jan 2017GoalhangerNewport County2v3Colchester United
Prediction Stats
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Carlisle Utd v Newport County
1-1 Percentage 35.2% [6]
1-2 Percentage 17.6% [3]
2-1 Percentage 11.7% [2]
0-1 Percentage 11.7% [2]
1-0 Percentage 5.8% [1]
2-3 Percentage 5.8% [1]
0-2 Percentage 5.8% [1]
3-0 Percentage 5.8% [1]
Weekly Winners
[Week 44]
Username Pts
Triangle 9
Thisismyyear 9
rob_in_npton 9
pembsexile 9
royw 9
Movers and Losers[Week 44]
rob_in_npton +9
Thisismyyear +6
Triangle +2
father jack +2
royw +1
reebok0165 -2
ujs -2
nipper moggsy -3
Elmo -3
ohc -3
Monthly Winner
SULLY34 33
countywon 32
reebok0165 32
reebok0165 []:
Yes Phil. Yeovil
5pts, Plymouth 3pts,
Notts County 5pts.

phil_in_npton []:
hi Reebok..please
advise if any more
matches are to
feature bonus
points, after the
one? Thanks

reebok0165 []:
Three bonus points
for correct
scoreline at Exeter


reebok0165 []:
Three bonus points
for a correct score
against Portsmouth
25th March

reebok0165 []:
Luton 21st March

reebok0165 []:
Five bonus points
will be on offer for
correct scoreline v
Luton, 22nd March

overthepondexile []:
Dont think I have
ever ssen this
happen before in the
history of the
prediction league

reebok0165 []:
Only Northampton
Sue scored any
points today, albeit
one. As bad as the
players on the sand

reebok0165 []:
Next match v L
Orient, five bonus
points for correct

reebok0165 []:
Nine pts Sully34.
No bonus points for
that match

SULLY34 []:
How many points for
a correct prediction
versus Mansfield ??

reebok0165 []:
Next available
bonus points are
three away to
Cambridge 18th Feb

reebok0165 []:
There will be five
bonus points
available for a
correct scoreline
prediction against
Cheltenham 4th Feb

swansea jack []:
I would happily
swap my correct
prediction today and
be bottom of the
table if it meant
county winning for

somertonteen []:
Points set up needs
looking at next
season. 1-0
county(miles out)
3pts. 3-1
close,unlucky) 4ps.

phil_in_npton []:
points??? Bah

reebok0165 []:
Five bonus points
for a correct
scoreline against
Exeter and three
bonus points for
correct scoreline
against Wycombe

reebok0165 []:
Hope you all had a
good Christmas. As
for the next two
matches, there are
bonus points

Elmo []:
I was wondering
whether a postponed
or abandoned
prediction should be
made available ;)

reebok0165 []:
Quite simple
uptheport. You
gained three points
from the Wycombe
game (1) 2pts for
correctly predicting
the away team would
score once and (2)
1pt for predicting
one correct score
per team.

uptheport []:
Im shocked now I
predicted a 2-1 win
how do I go back top

swansea jack []:
Just when I thought
I could overtake
UpthePort to be top
position someone
else has other
ideas. Darn it

reebok0165 []:
Congratulations to
BERT MOSS, now ahead
of us all after
Uptheport has held
top position in
recent weeks.

reebok0165 []:
Next few league
games are now edited

reebok0165 []:
No Macey. League
games only.

Maceys Gloves []:
Is the League

uptheport []:
Ha! dont know how
ive got top im
useually in the
relegation places!
wont be long now

swansea jack []:
Watch out Jim,
sgoriofruit is odds
on to catch you.
Then i will be
having a laugh.

uptheport []:
Top of the league
and avin a laught

uptheport []:
Ha! stay top

swansea jack []:
im hot on your
heels Jim

uptheport []:
I am top!!

girl saturday []:
So Elmo is Reeboks

Elmo []:
Yes thanks to
Reebok. Thanks to
everybody for their
comments and for
joining in!

pembsexile []:
I second that.
Thanks Reebok. I am
after you this
season Phil. The
trophy has been in
Northampton too

phil_in_npton []:
Good Luck to all
this season! and a
big thanks to Reebok
for taking over from
Elmo, who we also
thank for his past
efforts! Phil

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