Next Match: Newport County v Wycombe Wanderers 09 08 2014 15:00
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Newport County v Wycombe Wanderers
2-0 Percentage 35.1% [13]
3-1 Percentage 29.7% [11]
2-1 Percentage 21.6% [8]
1-0 Percentage 5.4% [2]
3-0 Percentage 2.7% [1]
1-1 Percentage 2.7% [1]
0-1 Percentage 2.7% [1]
Jimbob57 []:
I can smell it,

Biscuit []:
great effort,
again. thanks!

overthepondexile []:
Great work. Cannot
wait for the season
to start

Elmo []:
Welcome to the
14/15 Prediction
League. August
fixtures added! Good

Elmo []:
Congratulations to

Elmo []:
All remaining
fixtures now added -
good luck for the
run in!

the doc []:
and up to 10th!

Elmo []:
All March fixtures
now added

the doc []:
out of relegation
zone at last!

Payney (Dan) []:
Iya mate

Elmo []:
Wimbledon off again

Elmo []:
Fleetwood off!

Elmo []:
Plymouth (h)

Elmo []:
yes but not added
them yet! the other
ones already on were
postponed from

girl saturday []:
Hi Elmo, just
wondered :) are they
not original
fixtures tho?

Elmo []:
GS yes I only add
month at a time the
other feb games are
rearranged from
earlier - will add

girl saturday []:
Are we missing the
Fleetwood &
Hartlepool games
from the list?

Elmo []:
Happy New Year

Elmo []:
Remaining Dec
fixtures added

Elmo []:
Remaining Nov
fixtures added

Elmo []:
yes Phil but you
got to remember
Newport is behind
the times! ducks
head down lol

phil_in_npton []:
Hey Elmo! says at
top ..Prediction
League 2011/12 and
i still canmt get
them right!

Elmo []:
Remaining Oct
fixtures added

Elmo []:
September League
fixtures added

Elmo []:
ha ha forgot to put
my own predition in
for D&R lol

Elmo []:
not sure if it
works but try my
profile & use
default icon

son of somerton []:
Sorry to be thick
but can someone tell
me how to change my
icon to the
revolving county

Gjsncfc []:
Whatta liberty, G
comes before R ;)

overthepondexile []:
Dreamland again :)

Elmo []:
4-1 great start

pembsexile []:
Well done guys for
getting this done.
Just need to change
the season date at
top of page now!

phoenix1331 []:
Cheers to Elmo for
keeping this
running, ....Ive
gone 3-1 for
luck all UTP

overthepondexile []:
Well done Elmo
prediction league
division 2 is up and

the doc []:
nothing like
confidence utp

uptheport []:
Bet im top first
week three years
running !!

girl saturday []:
Good on ya Elmo

Elmo []:
All August league
fixtures now added

Elmo []:
Welcome back - good

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